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Our desire at Desert Chapel Christian School is to create students who are lifelong learners and future leaders. Our strong, academic curriculum is infused with Biblical principles to help mold and shape our young learners. We use a combination of Christian and traditional-school curriculums in order to give our students the best academic advantage.

Academic success is important here at DCCS! Twice a year we honor our students’ academic success with a school-wide awards assembly. In the office, our students’ pictures are displayed for their honor roll achievements.

A strong parent-school commitment is necessary for student success. We look forward to partnering with you to promote a positive academic atmosphere for your child. We welcome you to partner with us as we educate and train up your child.

Advanced Placement

AP Calculus A/B

AP English Literature & Composition

AP Environmental Science

AP Modern World History

Christian Expression

High School Bible

Our biblical studies are intended to encourage our high school students to become acquainted with the Bible and it’s truths in a non-threatening educational environment. We seek to help them to explore and think about the Bible as the inspired Word of God and to help them find ways to apply what they learn to everyday life. 

Worship Team

A small team comprised of musicians, technicians, and singers who meet to prepare music and presentations for Wednesday Chapel for the entire student body. Much of their time and energies are relegated to choosing effective music, videos, etc. and rehearsing the team in preparation for the Friday assembly. 


English I - CP & Honors

This course will address six important literary elements: character, theme, structure, conflict, moral tone, and point of view. These elements will be explored through the reading of various short stories, novels, and plays that range from the classics to the contemporary. In addition, students will become more grounded in grammar, vocabulary and writing. 

English II - CP & Honors

This is an integrated course consisting of (1) Writing/Grammar and (2) Literature. It is designed to ensure that students will learn to become critical thinkers, readers and writers with emphasis being given to analytical readings and composition. The themes found in literary pieces will be studied from a Christian perspective with contemporary reflections. Students will become stronger readers and writers of the English language as they communicate through oral expression and presentations as well as through written expression.

English III - CP & Honors

This course provides a study of early to current American Literature, in short story and novel form, as a foundation for developing better skills in reading, writing, and comprehension. Students will also develop skills in vocabulary, grammar, and discussion. 

English IV

This course provides a study of early to current American Literature, in short story and novel form, as a foundation for developing better skills in reading, writing, and comprehension. Students will also develop skills in vocabulary, grammar, and discussion. 



This course is based on the Mathematics Contents Standards for Public Schools. The course objectives include: (1) to apply and reinforce algebra skills (2) to establish fundamental geometric relationships with a variety of figures (3) to apply logic and the concept of proof to understanding geometric relationships and theorems (4) to apply geometric skills to problem solving strategies. Topics include basic concepts of geometry, constructions, geometric proofs, perimeter, area and volume of two- and three-dimensional figures, trigonometric functions, special triangles, and coordinate geometry. 

Algebra II

This course is based on the Mathematics Contents Standards for Public Schools. The course objective is to emphasize critical thinking and problem solving through frequent application of the more advanced algebraic skills. Topics include functions, variations and graphs, linear functions, matrices, systems, quadratic functions, powers, inverses and radicals, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry, polynomials, quadratic relations, introduction to conic sections, and rational expressions and equations. 


This course is specifically designed for students who successfully completed Algebra 2 and are highly motivated. We will cover trigonometry, logarithms, polar coordinates and vectors, characteristics of graphs of functions, use of radian and degree measure, analytical geometry (including conic sections), upper-level algebraic concepts, the concept of a limit, and an introduction to calculus. The Precalculus Saxon book provides for long-term practice with fundamental concepts and skills of Precalculus mathematics, and its use will produce a significant increase in the number of students who succeed in calculus, physics, and chemistry either in high school or in college. 



Biology is the study of living organisms. Students are taught the differences and similarities of life. Students gain an understanding of God’s nature through the wonder of his creation. The structure and function of the cell is emphasized throughout the course. Major areas of study are genetics, botany, zoology, and human biology. Theories of evolution are taught alongside Creationism. Students need to understand the way this subject is presented in a secular environment. Lab work is intended to reinforce topics covered in the classroom and to prepare the students for inquiry-based lab work in future science classes. 


This is a course in introductory chemistry. The topics developed in the course are chemistry and matter, matter and energy in reactions, matter and its structure, matter and its phases, reaction processes, acids and bases. Problem solving is a major element in the study of chemistry. This course utilizes 25-30 hours of lab work. Laboratory work covers each major class topic with emphasis on: basic lab safety, techniques, materials and equipment; application of learned concepts to real world and laboratory applications; correct practices in measurement, documentation, record keeping, and correct style in writing the lab report. 


This is an algebra and trigonometry-based course intended to fully prepare the student for success in a college level general or Engineering Physics course. The topics developed in the course are kinematics; dynamic forces; work and energy; static geometric and wave optics; modern physics. 
Students will apply their understanding of the scientific method to all areas of their course work. The course utilizes 25-30 hours of lab work. 
Lab work develops the topics covered in class with focus on: basic lab safety, techniques, materials and equipment; correct practices in measurement, documentation, record keeping, and correct style in writing the lab report. Problem solving and analytical thinking are utilized as a fundamental part of the course.

This includes application of mathematics as a fundamental problem solving tool of physics, application of physics as a fundamental problem solving tool of engineering, analyzing laboratory data, interpretation of lab results, graphing and mathematical modeling.

Social Studies

Geography/Ancient Civilizations - CP & Honors

This course is designed as a survey through a regional approach of both geographic principles and every country of the world. Following the theme of a Grand Tour, students study from continent to continent cultures, landforms, climates, resources, economy, religions, and governments. 

World History - CP & Honors

This course extensively delves into the History of the World, from Creation to the present day. This class concentrates on the people, events, trends, and ideas that comprise the history of mankind and civilization. With a strong emphasis on dynamic, defining moments in our world's history, topics are diverse and interesting. From art and religion, to war and science, this class creates a foundation from which the student may successfully approach subsequent courses like U.S. History and Civics.

United States History - CP & Honors

This course covers the entire scope of the History of the United States, from European exploration to the present day. Together, we will examine the people and events that have shaped our country. We will discover exactly why and how God's Providence has made us the nation we are today. 


Like our Geography/Ancient Civilizations course, this class is two integrated classes into on year. The Civics semester is designed to be an overview of the workings of the national government. It includes the historical formation of the government, the processes of governing, and the biblical view of the need for government. Students will stay abreast of current events while learning about government processes and integrating a biblical worldview in the decision-making process. The goal of the course is to produce young Christian adults who become productive and involved citizens.

Economics includes an overview of macroeconomics and microeconomics. This allows students to develop the framework for understanding economic decisions on a national scale while integrating a Biblical worldview in the evaluation process.

In addition, students will become familiar with personal finance and budgeting techniques integrated with Biblical values in the “science of choice.” This course will help students make informed decisions that range from how they vote to how they spend their money. Also includes portions of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace high school program.

High School Electives

Associated Student Body/Leadership

ASB focuses on actively doing projects and activities for the DCHS community. Students will be expected to exercise leadership through organizing dances, spirit days, lunch activities, pep rallies, and similar events.
In addition, recognizing, developing, and refining the personal characteristics needed to be an effective Christian leader. Our goal is for students to have a working understanding of leadership principles and characteristics that they can apply to their own personal development.

High School Physical Education & Weight Training

This course is an activity class designed to promote physical growth and conditioning. The purpose is to accommodate the physical education goals of a broad range of students from the athlete that may need specific skill development to the non-athlete that may need to meet the high school physical education requirements. Activities will range from various sports to conditioning activities, and will be individualized to meet the needs of each student. 

HS Art I & II

This course will provide students with exposure to a wide variety of art mediums at an introductory level. They will explore line and form in black and white mediums and then translate those same concepts to color mediums. They will also work with three-dimensional mediums. They will observe works of historical artists, but mainly learn by doing. 

Independent Study Hall

This course is taken as an elective for high school students.  Teacher will assist students with homework and works with them to establish good study habits.  Also, students taking online courses use this class to complete course work. 

Spanish I

This course is an introduction to the study of the Spanish language and its culture. Equal emphasis is given to aural/oral skills, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. This beginning course seeks to give the student the foundation of vocabulary and grammatical structures in order to understand and read basic instructions and short elementary stories, as well as write short paragraphs on familiar topics, and speak about, and ask questions about, elementary themes. 

Spanish II

A continuation of Spanish I, this course is taught in the target language. Students continue to develop cultural sensitivity while furthering their communication skills. The students work towards developing the ability to understand Spanish spoken at a normal speed and to be able to speak and respond with increased fluency. Compositions and projects are varied and more complex as more vocabulary, grammatical structures and verb conjugations are added to the foundation begun in Spanish I. 

Worldview - Current Events

This course allows students to discuss, examine and evaluate the events that are taking place globally, at the state level and locally. The major goal of the class is to have students understand and appreciate the importance of the events that are taking place in their lives. The local newspaper, television broadcasts and the internet are used to inform students of current issues and affairs. Students are asked to make a number of written responses to facilitate class discussions. This course is student-centered and requires regular attendance and active participation. 

Yearbook HS

This course involves students in the design, creation and layout of the high school yearbook. Students take control of the entire process, from photography to graphic design and layout.